Bad Image Report & File Deletion Request Form

You can easily delete the images or documents you uploaded from our web site using our "File Delete" page. You can find that page's link on every page after your first upload while your upload session is alive.
But if you wish to delete a file that was uploaded by someone else or you lost the link of the deletion page you can use the form on this page for sending your report or removal request.
For doing this please paste or write the exact address (URL) of the image or file that you wish it to be deleted into the box below and then tap on the "CONTINUE" button. Once we received your request, our editors will check the file you reported and they will delete it from our site if they see that the file need to be removed.
(The address (URL) that you will write below should be similar to any of the following examples:)
Paste or write the address (URL) of the file you wish it to be deleted into the below: